What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Playing Golf in Savannah, GA

Entrepreneurs, employees — everyone — should perform the same way.

When you walk into your office, can you tell whether it’s nine in the morning or six at night? Is it the beginning of a promising quarter — or is it the end of a bad month? Are employees’ stock options riding a promising wave, or slogging through a trough? None of these factors should matter. A valuable employee will look like a valuable employee no matter the situation and circumstances. Consistency over time equals credibility.

Too many salespeople misunderstand the unique importance of consistency. They have a big sales day, and to celebrate, they buy themselves a big lunch. Then, they leave work early because they feel they’ve earned it.

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In an article for Entrepreneur.com last year, Brandon Steiner shared how his stint as a coach on his son’s little league helped him realize how attitudes that are developed while playing sports offer invaluable insights on how to run businesses successfully. He observed that it takes a lot of commitment for players to give their all in a game when they are winning but more so when they are losing. In conclusion, he feels that consistency is the most important quality to have in sports because it gives players credibility over time, and this can be applied to business.

A sport that calls for consistency as a top priority is golf–especially in Savannah where the first course in America was built. In golf, if a player hits a hole-in-one, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she is a good player unless he/she can do that consistently. You can learn or improve your game by signing up for private or group lessons in Savannah, GA golf schools under reputable instructors like the ones from the Cindy Jones Savannah Golf School; perhaps, as you learn the craft more, you can apply the golfing discipline to your work.

In sports, the reward is not so easily obtained, and players often set their minds to getting on an upward trajectory. However, with most businesses, Steiner believes that employees and owners are too quick to reward themselves once they reach some level of success. Thus, everyone in the workplace should involve themselves in sports, and over time, Savannah, GA golf lessons can teach them how to maintain their performance in the office instead of just hitting a hole in one once a year.

(From What Sports Can Teach You About Running a Business, Entrepreneur.com, September 7, 2012)