Want to Improve Your Swing? Learn from a Golf School in Savannah, GA

For golfers, the ideal swing can be very elusive, but that’s just part of what makes the game an enjoyable challenge. The golf swing may look like a set of simple body movements that involve the feet, legs, back, hips, and arms, but as any good golfer will tell you, you shouldn’t let the simplicity of it all fool you. Any false movement, no matter how tiny, will cause the ball to go astray.

To master the game of golf is a great challenge, and the process of learning how to swing a club properly can be arduous. Even professionals have a hard time being consistent with it. Fortunately, there are professional golfers who help other players improve on their game, such as those who teach at a golf school in Savannah, GA. Golf Digest has an article about how one promising young golfer, Matteo Manassero, improved on his swing through the guidance of another golfer, his coach Alberto Binaghi:

“Matteo’s swing in the past had a faster tempo compared to now,” Binaghi says. “He was trying to generate speed and power by turning the lower body very quickly through impact. But he was spinning out with the hips, which forced him to have passive hands through impact. It was a safe swing because it was very accurate, but it’s hard to put the ball up in the air that way.”

Without even looking at the driving stats, Binaghi knew his pupil needed more distance (his European Tour average was 279 yards in 2011). They are now developing a swing that allows the still-growing teen to tap into his increased size and strength. Manassero says he has added seven pounds of muscle since putting more time into working out. “The idea is to deliver that weight into the ball,” he says.

Like Matteo Manassero, a golfer needs to learn certain methodologies and techniques to do well. The first thing you need to master is what’s called the swing mechanics. This will improve your accuracy, as well as the distance to the force that you exert when you drive. A review of the physics behind a golf swing will also be helpful

If you want to improve your game, take lessons from a Savannah golf course that offers them, such as Savannah Golf School and Cindy Jones.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Swing Sequence: Matteo Manassero, Golf Digest, October 2012)