Want Straight and Long Golf Shots – It’s all About the Downswing

Want Straight and Long Golf Shots – It’s all About the Downswing

In over 20 years of experience providing golf instruction I’ve tried to keep things simple in terms of helping people understand how to make an effective, repeatable golf swing – one that produces consistent golf shots – (ie. – straight shots produced with power that seems to be effortless).

I am pleased to say that recently, I have begun to utilize two basic training aids with a modification of their intended usage and Viola – Without fail, almost instantly, each student who I have coached using this drill have all shown remarkable and rapid improvement in ball striking ability.

Not only can I observe this improvement during our time together on the lesson tee, but best news of all is that all students indicate that they are more confident and able to repeat the downswing correctly because they can see, feel, hear, and understand what they need to do – because of what they learned from the drill.

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Yours for better golf,