The Benefits of Savannah Golf Lessons for Kids Aged 5 to 14

But as exacting as the game can be, it also can be just as rewarding, even for kids. Children who embrace the game of golf will learn a host of lessons they can apply in all facets of life. A humbling game even for professional golfers, golf can teach kids lessons in humility and the value of persistence even when things aren’t going your way.

Golf is also a great way for parents to get kids off the couch and outdoors for some fun in the sun. Instead of spending summer afternoons in front of the television, kids who play golf are out patrolling pristine golf courses while getting some cardiovascular exercise along the way. Golf can also strengthen a child’s hand-eye coordination, which can help them in other activities, including many different sports.

Ohio-based publication the Chronicle-Telegram did a special feature last March detailing the benefits of golf for young kids. This sport can be challenging for individuals of any age, but at the same time, it offers tremendous rewards, especially for kids. For example, playing golf is a good form of exercise and it teaches numerous values like patience and persistence that they can apply later in life.

game of golf

There are a lot of ways for children to start learning, such as watching others play or spending time on a miniature golf course. In Savannah, Georgia, a city which has had a long romance with golf, parents can also sign their kids up for beginner Savannah golf lessons such as the ones offered by companies like the Cindy Jones Savannah Golf School. These sessions for 5-14 year olds are run by highly trained coaches and can either be done privately or with a group.

A simple hobby can turn into a lifelong passion. The parents of well-known players like Tiger Woods, for instance, recognized their kid’s interest in the game early on, and built his skill by signing him up for golf lessons at an early age; now, Tiger is the most famous and highest paid golfer in the world. Professional Golf in Savannah, GA is very popular because of its well-maintained courses. Therefore, aside from learning the proper techniques, kids can also get a chance to watch and meet the best players, which can serve as good role models to follow and make them enjoy the sport more.

(From Help kids learn the game of golf, The Chronicle-Telegram, March 11, 2013)