No lessons I’ve ever had before have been as informative and helped my confidence like the lessons you have given me.
K. Hodge
Thank you for the great lesson and your encouragement to continue playing. I was very close to giving it all up. After the lesson I went out and played and did better than I had in the past six months….
P. Bolen
Thanks for the recent lessons. I have been playing golf for about 6 years and during that time I was able to break 80 only twice. Since my two lessons with you, I have shot 78 or 79 seven times in the last two months. Last Saturday I shot my low round of 77. I look forward to additional lessons with you and continued improvement.
Dennis W.
I just wanted to thank you for eliminating the duck hook from my swing. It’s much more fun hit straight onto the green or land in front of the green than play from the woods next to the green or watch my ball turn left and head for the water ! I have  taken a few lessons in the past but found your approach and coaching to be the most helpful.   Thanks again,
Dear Cindy, After my lessons with you I had the opportunity to play a round of golf last week and to my surprise, it was fun again!  In the last few years I have experienced more frustration than fun and have thought more than once about giving up golf for good. I didn’t break any records but I did hit the ball again – down the middle of the fairway most of the time.  I owe it all to you and your positive teaching technique.  What I really like about the way you teach is that you never say what not to do, instead you suggest new and slightly different ways to swing the club and that usually works to correct what is wrong.  A little adjustment here and a slight change there and you get the most amazing results.   Your method is to point out what is positive; never to remind what caused the negative.  I like the different ways you suggest to adjust the body movements and the unique teaching aids you use to get your point across.  Again, you don’t mention the negative you always give positive reinforcement.   After every lesson I walked away with a lot of encouragement and feeling good that I can learn to enjoy the game of golf again. I’m looking forward to several follow-up lessons with you in the near future.  Thank you for making it possible for me to enjoy golf again! 
Elisabeth Cole
Dear Cindy, The Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Group has been such a fun event. Up until now, NO ONE has ever been able to get me to join anything that gets me out of work on time. Thank you. You are my rock star…
Barbara G.
Hi Cindy, Everyone in our family truly enjoyed your instruction and our experience during our three day golf school. Thank you so much!
Vasanth Victor
Thank you for giving me the best golf instruction I’ve ever had. After our lesson yesterday, I practiced. I have to say that it was actually fun and I feel like I’m finally on the right track.
J. Cifrino
Hello Cindy, I just wanted to thank you for your quick work with me. You taught me something I had never heard before: “Push instead of pull”…This past Friday I drove the ball extremely well, including a 280 yard drive.. I couldn’t believe it. Anyway thanks again. We will keep in touch.
Miguel Donate
played last week and shot a 102. im about 15 strokes down from where i was and i actually thought i was havin a bad round that day so i know i can improve on that.
Craig Hewitt
Cindy, I just thought I’d let you know that on Sunday I played the best golf of my life. I had the lie angle on my clubs adjusted as you suggested and because of that and my lessons, I am hitting all my shots so much better. My friends can’t believe how well I am playing. Thank you for all your help.
Frank S.
Thanks you Cindy. I hit range balls after my lesson and it felt soooo good. It is amazing what a few simple changes can do. You do such an amazing job and I just can’t say enough great things about you and your teaching skills. I am so looking forward to my next round of golf. Thanks again !
LuAnn W.
I just completed a golf lesson with Cindy Jones and she was absolutely outstanding! I highly recommend her to all golfers.
Mike Holland
Cindy, I got a chance to play after our lesson yesterday and I hit the ball great. Every shot I hit was effortless. I hit 15 greens, made 5 birdies and 1 bogey for a round of 68. I still need to work on my pre-shot routine but this is the most consistent round I have had in a long time. Thanks for everything, you are the best.
Donnie M.
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the lesson I took with you and how you helped me to enjoy golf more.  Before I came to see you, I was struggling with hitting the ball and hitting greens.  Your lesson provided me some simple cues for making good contact and hitting the ball straighter. I am playing better, scoring better and hitting more greens!  More important, when I do hit a bad shot I have an understanding of what I did wrong and how to correct my swing. Thanks for your help,
John Birkheimer
Thank you so much for the quality time you have spent teaching my daughter. If only I could put into words the difference it has made with her. Up until the time she began taking lessons with you, she had struggled with boredom, lack of interest and typical pre-teen issues. Now, she has an entirely different outlook towards her golf, and is so much more positive in everything else she does too. You have given her so much more than golf lessons. I just wanted to let you know.
Amy O.
Thanks again for today's session, I am finding your instruction easy to follow (if not perfect in reproduction yet) and as I said to you on the range, for the first time ever I have a focus in my practice sessions that I can get feedback from without your presence, this has made the sessions more valuable and fun Thank you
Peter Ballard
Cindy gave me a 60 minute lesson that concentrated on putting and chipping. She successfully corrected some long standing errors. The immediate result was that I had success on both items. Right away this made the game more enjoyable and a little less frustrating. The longer range benefit was that my next “Blitz” produced a lower score and some change in my pocket. Thanks Cindy!