Easy Tips for Playing Great Golf

Golf may seem complicated at first but through proper familiarization and practice, it will soon become second nature. What makes golf so enjoyable is that there are always new things to learn and you can always break your personal best. Here are handy tips on how to start playing and enjoying great golf.

Dress for the Game

The main thing to remember before heading out to a Savannah golf course is to be prepared with the proper gear. Most golf courses have dress codes that may vary and it is always better to check beforehand. You must also consider what feels comfortable so that you can play golf without restrictions or distractions. Look fresh throughout the game with clothing that are resistant to wrinkling and has moisture-wicking fabric that allows you to stay dry. It’s also important to keep tabs on the weather so you can wear water-resistant slacks or jackets when necessary.

Play with the Right Golf Gear

Beginners can rent clubs and golf bags while intermediate to expert players prefer to have their own golf set. A half set of clubs is available for novices who are just starting to get the feel of a golf course. While an expensive set will be the envy of golfing peers, long-time players should choose clubs that are compatible with their game. Club and swing evaluations are also offered at the Savannah Golf School so you can match your swing with the right club.

Pay Attention to Body Mechanics

Even the most experienced players sometimes forget that achieving the perfect game starts with the little things. A grip adjustment or slight change in foot positioning may determine how well you play. Inappropriate body mechanics usually go unnoticed. A professional instructor will be able to spot areas for improvement so that you can lessen mistakes on the golf course.

It’s All About Practice

Repetition and creating routines are major aspects in improving your skills. What is best about having a professional instructor is that you get to have fun while learning how to play golf properly. Private lessons with a golf expert will give you a deeper insight on what to work on through hands-on instructions. You can also opt for group lessons so that you can learn while meeting new people or have a great time with the family on the course. Weighted clubs and practice balls can also be used for practicing your swing. Get a ball bag so that you can train continuously on the course. Once you’ve started practicing on the right foot, you can supplement what you’ve learned in golf school by playing on putting mats at home.

Learn From the Expert

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