Golf Lessons in Savannah, GA Can Teach Your Kids Life Lessons, as Well

Adults know full well how extremely frustrating a game of golf can be. However, it can also be just as rewarding, even for the kids. Golf is a game full of situations that can teach them important life lessons. KSDK News Channel 5 gives one significant example:

Some things are beyond your control. You can always learn something new on a golf course, about yourself and about life. As golfer Patty Katzfey put it, “let the game teach you.” We’re all searching for something. Sometimes it’s a golf ball. Other times it’s something more meaningful. “Make good decisions and when things don’t go right just roll with it,” Katzfey adds.

“You’re gonna get some good breaks, you’re gonna get some bad ones,” said pro golfer Scott Simpson, competing at the Senior PGA at Bellerive. “Now what do you do?” Whether you’re a pro like Scott Simpson, or a part time golfer, there are lessons to be learned: In golf and in life, anger is not part of the solution. “When I was a kid I got angry and threw clubs and all that stuff,” said Simpson. “You learn the good players don’t. You’ve gotta learn to control your emotions.”

A humbling game even for the most seasoned professionals, golf can teach kids the value of persistence even when things don’t go their way. These two virtues are not the only things kids can learn from golf lessons in Savannah, GA though. There’s also humility, respect, punctuality, concentration, attentiveness, problem solving, focus, and practice.

Aside from the myriad life lessons that can be learned, golf can be a fun way to get kids off the couch. Kids who play the game regularly are out striding on pristine courses and earning some cardiovascular benefits along the way. That’s an ideal picture than seeing them while away summer afternoons in front of a TV, computer, or mobile phone.

Ultimately, you as the parent will be the catalyst to the growth of your child’s interest in golf. Try taking them to a driving range — a few swings together is an excellent way to get started. Also, don’t worry too much about proper instructions. The important thing is he gets the opportunity to hit some balls and enjoy the activity. Once his interest has been cultivated, that will be the time to have him join private or group golf lessons in Savannah from reputable schools like the Savannah Golf School.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Golf teaches life lessons, KSDK, May 23, 2013)