Enroll in a Savannah, GA Golf School Today to Improve Your Health

At first glance, a simple golf swing and a walk on the fairway may seem fairly easy. After all, moving your torso for less than 2 seconds and spending most of the day walking with nature are not as demanding as, let’s say, hitting a hundred forehands. The presumption is, the game of golf is effortless as compared with other sports like tennis or basketball. Yet, what people fail to see is that, like any other sport, golf offers plenty of health benefits despite being construed as “simple”.

Golf is a good form of exercise. It may not require a lot of running, but it is beneficial to the heart as explained in the article published by Walk the Walk:

Golfing requires a lot of walking. With 18 holes, the average golf course is between 5 and 8 miles. If you keep a brisk pace while walking from hole to hole, you can definitely get in a good cardio workout.

A round of golf equates to 4 miles of walking since the average Savannah golf course is about 6,000 yards. An 18-hole walk 5 times a week therefore will give you a good amount of heart exercise. If you carry your own clubs instead of hiring a caddy, you’ll even burn more calories. Movement through playing golf can also help you stay fit, improve endurance and muscle tone, and shed off those excess layers of fat.

The article emphasizes the mental benefits of golf as well:

Golfing is a social activity and studies show that interaction with others who enjoy what we enjoy increases our self-esteem and happiness. Golfing can help to lift depression, improve someone’s outlook on life, and widen a person’s social group. All of these attributes help improve our mental health by leaving us with a feeling of satisfaction.

It has been proven that the brain releases endorphins, a natural mood-enhancing drug, when the body is involved in fun physical activities, such as sports and exercise. Playing can also reduce stress which clears the mind and makes the body whole again.

If you want a less strenuous form of exercise to improve your health, give the game of golf a chance. No matter how old you are, you can still enroll in an established golf school in Savannah, GA like the Savannah Golf School to get your swing going.

(Article Information and Image from Why Playing Golf Is Good For Your Health, Walk The Walk)