Enroll in a Golf School in Savannah, Georgia to Improve your Game

If you want to take up golf as a hobby or as a competitive sport, then you need to take up basic golf lessons if you want to play well and be a skilled golfer. While golf may seem like an easy game that requires no rigorous training, it is actually the complete opposite. Like in any other sport, golf has many rules to be followed and proper techniques to be learned.

First-time players who wish to quickly improve their game should enroll in a golf school in Savannah, Georgia such as Cindy Jones Savannah Golf School that offers lessons for beginners in one-on-one or group sessions. Such golfing schools offer modest rates for half-hour to hour-long sessions that guarantee immediate improvement of basic golfing skills, such as the proper way of holding and swinging a club, and of aiming and hitting the ball. Golf is such a precise sport that even small things like the proper stance and leg and upper body positioning can make all the difference on one’s overall performance.


Amateur golfers who take golf lessons often see such vast improvements in their techniques after only a few sessions. It is, of course, the result of an effort that goes both ways. For one, a good working relationship between the student and the instructor is necessary. An article on the New York Times suggests that students should learn how to openly communicate with their instructors about what’s wrong with their game, stating, “There is a big difference between telling the instructor what’s wrong with your swing and what has been happening to your golf ball.” Listening is also another important skill for students to have: “If you don’t understand, the pros said, don’t be afraid to ask questions. They have lots of ways of explaining the same thing.”

Aside from the basic techniques, golf instructors also teach beginners the way around the golf course, the different types of shots that need to be made on the course, the right kinds of equipment, from golf balls to golf clubs and tees, and even the appropriate attire that is most comfortable to use on the field.

With the right instructor and a few private or group lessons, you will soon seem like a seasoned player once you head out on a golf course in Savannah, Georgia for a nice, friendly game with friends and family.