About Cindy Jones

With experience which included a successful competitive playing career, Class “A” P.G.A. certification, and a passion and talent for teaching the game of golf to others, Cindy Jones accepted the position of Director of Instruction at Henderson Golf Club and founded the Savannah Golf School in 1999. Soon thereafter, the School began to build its reputation as the place to go for quality instruction and uniquely designed group instruction programs and organized play opportunities for players new to the game.

Supervised practice and play programs, summer junior golf camps, link up to golf instruction programs and the inaugural season of the ongoing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun golf experience all were initiated during the early years of Savannah Golf School’s founding. After 13 years in the fall of 2012, Savannah Golf School relocated its instruction and play programs. Southbridge Golf Club now proudly claims Savannah Golf School as its main source of instruction for players of all ages and ability levels. At its new location, many of the original instruction programs that have helped hundreds of students learn to play or learn to play better golf are still offered. Additionally, a number of the national Play Golf America initiatives including the Get Golf Ready program for beginners and intermediate golfers are conducted numerous times per year.

As time progresses, the number of people who have been introduced to the game or who attribute their improved ability and enjoyment from the game to their experience with Savannah Golf School continues to grow. The excellent reputation that Savannah Golf School at Southbridge Golf Club enjoys is due largely to Cindy Jones’ dedication to providing each student with a top-notch experience. Solid, proven principles, communicated in easily understood ways with plenty of positive reinforcement create an overall learning experience which is enjoyable to both the intellect and the emotions.

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